Alastair Moon's House - immersive & mysterious magical adventure

London Escape Room Alastair Moon's House is a brand new boutique immersive detective magical mysterious quest game

Alastair Moon's House
Escape room London
Antique furniture
Magical artifacts & spells
Advanced visual & audio technology

Alastair Moon's House is Lock'd most advanced immersive escape room here in London.

After three years of continuous research and development, Lock'd Escape Room London have created a heartbreaking and beautiful story with plenty of magical mystery.

The room is packed full of state-of-the-art electronics, running on IoT platform making it sense and react to the players every move. The difficulty level of this room is hard! This game definitely not for beginners so if you’ve never played an escape room before we suggest you better start with our beginner-friendly Grandpa’s Last Will escape room.

Room capacity is from 2 to 6 players.

Here is the story: ... Mr Moon had all a man could dream of, a beautiful wife, soon to be a father and a wonderful London Manson, which he afforded through his art of magic. He was truly blessed with success, fame, fortune and family. Until the accident…

For the faint hearted I suggest turning back now as I feel once you enter there may be no guarantee of your return. And those of you with the will to go on I wish you luck in unraveling the tale of Mr Moon...

"The story of Alastair moon was well thought out and different to any other room I'd encountered before. The puzzles were varied and brilliant in terms of the way they were used to shape the story and also fascinating from a technical aspect.

Without giving too much away I loved the use of music and certain sound effects which created an eerie, chilling atmosphere.

Definitely a challenging room, but one that is a must try for escape room fans."

Robyn Nash about his The House of Alastair Moon escape room adventure

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