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Lock'd: boutique escape room games in London

The white breezeblock building this three-game operation is set in doesn’t exactly scream ‘fiendish magnificence’. But there’s a trio of surprisingly well thought out games here, at least one of which has an astonishingly good mid-game twist (we could be clearer, but trust us: you don’t want the surprise ruined). Action’s much more orientated around searching than wrestling with MENSA-like puzzles, so is a good intro to the escape game beginner.

The three rooms involve a science-themed one where you have to stop the planet from being plunged into eternal darkness; one where you scrabble around a vintage study trying to find your grandad’s last will before the coppers turn up and arrest you for trespassing (even though you’re in your own relative’s house - the bastards); and one where you don a black mask and frantically try to crack sophisticated lock mechanisms to bust into a vault and rescue some priceless treasures before they’re stolen by a man called Mr Bad (we’re guessing he’s not an altruist).

Lock'd probably best suits players who are newer to the concept of escape games more than hardened vets, but there’s a lot to enjoy here for all challengers.