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London Escape Room Romance at Lock'd

First date at Escape room

Escape room is a fun and easy way to get to know each other. Getting into a detective adventure together is a great idea for the first date. It is like going to watch a movie, but you get to play the main characters. Also, you will avoid these awkward moments when don’t know what to say next.

At the end, you will have something you have accomplished together, a lot to talk about and a way better understanding who your date is.

Escape Room London romance by Lock'd

Relationship or wedding anniversary

Escape room game is also good option for couples who are looking for a different way to celebrate time spent together, a wedding anniversary or just to have some fun.

Between the routine romantic outings such as a movie theater, café, restaurant, bar, night club, SPA etc… escape room will challenge you and your soul mate. You will be immersed into the room story, play your own plot and decide the ending.

Escape room, besides its fun side, is a great team building activity for couples. It helps bring out the strong sides of each other; to trust, to support, and to act as a team. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love in your “partner in crime” again during 60 minutes you get to escape?

Getting engaged at escape room

Does the recipe for the best proposal exist? If so, what are the ingredients? Something special!? Romantic? Creative?! Emotional? Unusual? Something unforgettable? What will create your own nice story to tell to your friends, family and kids?

escape Room London romance

Well, escape room matches all these requirements. We can place the ring into the game for your fiancé to find, allowing it to be completely immersed to the game for a real surprise and a lot of emotions.

We have had some couples who came to play escape room for their first date and then return to get engaged!

Saint Valentine day at escape room

There are a lot of real-life puzzles besides exit games. For example, the famous annual puzzle “how to make your better half happy on Saint Valentine’s”.

We offer the adventure that will have you both happy, challenged, and laughing. The best gifts are the memories, they last forever.

Quest game as a part of wedding celebration

Yes, yes, this sounds crazy, but Lock’d Escape Room London have already been included to the program of several wedding celebrations. From the other side: why not?! Wedding celebration should make bride and groom families and friends closer. Team bounding this is exactly that we do here at Lock’d Escape Rooms!

At the end we just want to say that we have seen a lot of happy couples for last 4 years who came to played our escape rooms.