This winter Lock'd proudly present new and unique escape room “The house of Alastair Moon”


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Lock'd Escape Room London proudly presents new and unique escape room “The house of Alastair Moon”

Lock’d hosts boutique escape room games, like no others in London. Since 2014 our experienced crew creates immersive, technology advanced interactive adventures. We have been featured by Guardian, and rated as one of the best London’s escape room game by Londonist and Time Out.

After three years of research and  development in behavioural psychology and entertainment technology, Lock'd Escape Rooms London is delighted to announce our new immersive experience titled "The House of Alastair Moon"
To build it, we brought together the most advanced digital audio-visual technology with a diverse team of professionals - including actors and production experts with experience at BBC and Sky. The result has been a multitude of interactive gadgets, magical artefacts, mystical elements, ingenious puzzles, riddles and action tasks, all assembled together in ways that create a deeply immersive experience. It brings to life a story that fuses genres of magical fiction and noir detective, while also taking players inside a fascinating love story set in the Victorian age.
It would be hard to talk about all of the elements without revealing the mystery and ruining the magic, just come along and immerse yourself in the magical world of Alastair Moon!

The room is packed full of state-of-the-art electronics, running on IoT platform making it sense and react to the players every move.

Here is the review of The House of Alastair Moon escape room from our player Robyn Nash:

"Alastair moon- Grippingly challenging and exciting.

I went in with high hopes to Lock'd having done the Museum room the previous year and I wasn't disappointed.

The tales of Alastair moon is the 8th escape room I have done and knowing it was a brand new room on the highest level of difficulty I was unsure what to expect. Our party consisted of three people who had all done escape rooms before which I think was the perfect number of people and level of experience required for this particular room.

The story of Alastair moon was well thought out and different to any other room I'd encountered before. The puzzles were varied and brilliant in terms of the way they were used to shape the story and also fascinating from a technical aspect.

Without giving too much away I loved the use of music and certain sound effects which created an eerie, chilling atmosphere.

Definitely a challenging room, but one that is a must try for escape room fans.

The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming ad you could really tell they were proud of their rooms, which they should be as allot of hard work was put into them.

No complaints on our end, worth the money and a great experience.

Will definitely come back to try out the other rooms!"