"Can you escape the Lock’d Room?" The House of Alastair Moon escape room review by Deborah Tarrant, London Unattached


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Can you escape the Lock’d Room?

Solving the Mystery of the Lock’d Escape Room

Was I really about to take the whole family to be locked in a room with them on a Saturday afternoon for fun? Yep!

We set off for Lock’d Escape Room in Bermondsey which hosts boutique escape room games, and is heralded as being different and the best in London. Lock’d is based in The Biscuit Factory on Drummond Street.

If anyone knows this area they will know that the factory site is very large with multiple entrances. So given we overcame the challenge to find the right entrance and navigate our way to find the unit within the right block we thought it boded well for our chances in the Lock’d room. Little did we know that the escape room started with getting into it.

Lock’d has been running in London since 2014 and the team have created several immersive, technology advanced interactive adventures. We were excited to be invited to try out their new and unique escape room “The house of Alastair Moon” – the most immersive, mysterious and magical detective escape room in London.

The team size for this room can be from 2 to 6 players. On a rare occasion, everyone was free and willing to come so we had the full number of 6, including the oldest son’s girlfriend. Surely with this number, we would crack this challenge. From previous experiences, we know that escape rooms can be a lot of fun and great team bonding for friends, family and colleagues so we were all looking forward to it.

As with all activities, it is the whole experience from the arrival through to when you leave that adds to the event and your impression. We were not disappointed as we were greeted with a really friendly and enthusiastic welcome from all the team. Water and sweets were on offer and to take in with us in case we needed them. How long were we going to be Lock’d in? After a brief introduction, an explanation of the story, the objective for this room and ‘the rules’ made clear we were shown to the entrance. When we were asked who was the team captain to take the walkie-talkie the youngest member of our family didn’t hesitate and volunteered. I’m not sure how this boded for consultation and group decision making in the room. We let him take it anyway. He is a dab hand with a walkie-talkie.

So we were all set for our journey into the unknown, prepared to challenge our skills of problem-solving and riddle busting. As we entered the room we were immediately transported into a different world and from then on we were immersed in the story that was to unfold and mesmerised by the magic of the room.

I’m obviously not going to tell you much about the challenge as that would spoil it and you need to go try it for yourself. You can’t take photos in the room so here are some of the official photos which give you a good insight into the rooms. We hadn’t seen these so didn’t have the advantage of seeing the objects we may be looking for. Actually, on reflection maybe I won’t share them all!

I’m pleased to say we did complete the challenge and given one piece of early information was missing we were especially pleased. You don’t need academic knowledge or physical strength. All you need is a questioning mind and attention to detail to unlock the puzzles to escape within the one-hour time limit. If you get stuck, you can contact one of the game masters via walker talkie to help you and make sure every moment is a fantastic journey of discovery.

So what did we think? It was fun and quite different to ones we have tried before… extensive use of technology in a fairly spooky environment. Unlike other rooms, this was based around a story which in our experience is unique and we all thought this added an extra level of engagement as we were fascinated and immersed in solving the puzzles.

What really makes this room stand out from others is the more advanced and complex puzzles through the use of sensors and hydraulics built into the room. There is excellent attention to detail through the whole experience and all of the materials in the room were authentic and supported the story.

Clearly, a lot of work and care had gone into the creation of the room from the initial design to the physical building and objects and materials to make it truly ingenious and captivating. Lock’d are proud to say their games are all made in England from start to finish and are one of the most technologically advanced, with all puzzles and devices designed and created in house.

Do you have what it takes to complete the immersive and mind-tickling challenge that Lock’d escape room games has to offer?

If so check out Lock’d website and book yourself in.

Lock’d Escape Rooms London

B108, Block B, The Biscuit Factory

Drummond Road, London, SE16 4DG

Ph: +442070641178

Email: info@lockd.co.uk

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