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I’d never taken part in an escape room before, so when Lock’d invited me and four friends to take part in their ‘Grandpa’s Last Will’ escape room, I jumped at the chance. Lock’d is a live-action puzzle game where you’re shut into a mysterious room and have to race against time in order to escape the room. Lock’d has three rooms to choose from, ‘Museum Warehouse’, Grandpa’s Last Will’ and ‘Perpetual Mobile’. They’ll also be building a haunted escape room, which I’ll definitely be trying. The rooms accommodates for 2 - 5 people and costs between £88-108.

I haven’t got the best attention span, so I didn’t think I’d be very good at an Escape room. Turns out, I was correct! The five of us all contributed particular qualities when finding Grandpa’s will and escaping the room.

Charles: Found the first clue and got the game going. Figured out how to solve key-clues only to realise everybody else realised it 5 minutes prior.

Sophie: Really competitive and overly excited, kept throwing key clues around the room and breaking things – but found the majority of the keys.

Fiona: Kept shouting at Sophie to calm down and stop shouting.

Emily: Ran around aimlessly trying to find clues anywhere and everywhere.

Jamie: Carried on trying to solve a clue when the person who found it gave up.

You’re given a backstory to why you’re in the room, a walkie-talkie so you can be given clues to get ahead, and an hour in order to escape – It’s crazy how fast time goes when you’re against the clock. It was so much fun! Although, I am 100% positive nobody would be able to escape the room without being given clues.

It was a fantastic way to spend time with friends that wasn’t our normal night out or brunch – we had a lot of fun. What I was most surprised by (and it split opinions in our group) is that people have visited the Lock’d escape rooms for a first date after matching on Tinder! Some thought it was would the most awkward date ever, whilst others thought it would be a great way to see if you both can work together and get along in high-pressured environments.

If you’re looking for a different and interesting way to spend time with your friends, a work team-bonding experience or maybe even a Tinder date, try Lock’d Escape Room London!