An Immersive Escape Room Experience At Lock’d


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An Immersive Escape Room Experience At Lock’d

Back in 2016, when I was at university, my friends and I tried an Escape Room. You know, you are locked in a room and need to solve loads of puzzles to get out, all that in 60 minutes. Well… we did not do brilliantly. And needed a lot of help! So when Lock’d got in touch to give us a second shot, well of course, we took it!

So we went. And here is how it went…

We did Grandpa’s Last Will escape room. So here is the story.

In London’s most exciting beginner friendly escape game, wealthy entrepreneur, scientist and world traveller Neil Morgan has died. And luckily, he’s left his multi-million pound mansion, business empire and life savings to you. The problem is, you’ve only got 60 minutes to find his will before the police arrive and arrest you for trespassing.

You got it! Our job was to get our hands on the will and get rich. Easy, right? As if… because of course, Neil Morgan is a bit of a trickster, so he created loads of puzzles for us to solve before getting to the Graal. That would not be fun otherwise, we agree!

The room was Neil Morgan study and was decorated as such – desk, bookshelves, chest, suitcases, photos, wardrobe, etc. And a lot of drawers to have a look into. Surely, they are here for a reason!

We were five in the Escape room – myself included – and as soon as the 60 minutes started, we were searching the room, looking for clues. Last time we did an Escape Room, we overthought it, so this time, we tried not to. And it worked for us. I can’t tell much of the puzzles and challenges in this post because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But we had all sorts – numbers, letters, images, etc. Some were easier to find or understand than others but all had the same goal – help you find keys or number combinations to unlock the many safes in the room.

You need to first key to get to the second safe where a second key might be hidden, and so on.

It was very fun seeing each member of our team look for clues on their own and focus on the sort of things they were good at – puzzle wise I mean. And how when one of us did not know what to do with what they had found, would ask a teammate whom they’d knew would know what to do. I guess the secret to escaping an Escape Room is great teamwork.

Should you need help, you can use a talkie walkie that was handed over to you before you walked in.

What I loved most about the Escape Room is that it was an amazing way to get together with my friends and do something different. You know, something that is not clubbing, drinking or going for coffee. Something fun that would have everyone involved. Because that’s the thing, to make it out of the room before the 60 minutes ended, we needed to all put our weight in.

I think an Escape Room is the sort of unique experience that you can have with your friends, your partner, your family, etc. And Lock’d offers that as well! Turns out they even had marriage proposals in there… So, you see… It is also great fun because for an hour, you become a detective, an adventurer, a mastermind problem solver and you can feel the thrill and excitement each time you uncover a clue and progress ahead!

We did way better than our first time in Edinburgh. From asking for help every five minutes to managing it all on our own! It was much more gratifying when we got out! They currently have three rooms – Grandpa’s will, the one we did, Museum Warehouse, for trained spies and Perpetum Mobile for science lovers! They will be opening four new rooms soon! And it is just by Bermondsey, on the Jubilee Line so very easy to access for Londoners!

I recommend the room, Time Out does to, so really, you should give it a go! We had a blast and I think you would have too!

Have you ever been to an Escape Room before? Which one did you do? Was it with Lock’d? Will you try their Escape room now? Is that the sort of experience you’d like?

Thanks a lot for reading this post! Hope you liked it!

See you soon,