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December is the party season, it’s the time of year we finally catch up with friends and colleagues to end the year on a high. Most of the time catching up with others usually means popping to your favorite pub, bar or restaurant. Let me pitch to you an incredibly fun alternative: Lock’d Escape rooms.

I recently was kindly invited back to review a fabulous new immersive escape room at Lock’d. If you haven’t played an escape room before, it’s all in the name, you have to escape the room by working as a team to crack codes and challenges set out for you in an immersive themed room. I have previous played the room “Grampa’s last will” so this time I was invited to try their brand new room “The House of Alistair Moon”

"Mr Moon had all a man could dream of, a beautiful wife, and soon to be a father, a wonderful London Manson which he afforded through his art of magic. He was truly blessed with success, fame, fortune and family. Until the accident. One sunny morning Mrs Hannah Moon and her unborn child were struck by a carriage close to the Moon residence. Mr Moon called on London’s finest Doctors, who did all they could but failed to save mother and child. Mr Moon was distraught, and his world fell apart."

From here our tale turns to guess work drawn from rumours and speculation. It is said that Mr Moon began to delve into “dark magic”. Looking for a way to bring back his beloved wife and child. He scoured his books and researched every form of magic he could find.

One-night neighbors reported bright lights, screams and shouts coming from the Moon home. The next day there was no sign of Mr Moon, and he was never seen again. Strange things are said to have happened there. I bring it back to you. The answers to Mr Moons story lies within his home.

A three part room with visual and audio technology and bespoke antique furniture and props to make you believe you are truly in the home of Alistair Moon. I would say that it is a room certainly for the advanced or if you love a challenge as I found the room particularly challenging and found myself asking for clues, but it was incredibly fun as well. I really enjoyed myself, my guest had never experienced an escape room before and I believe now he is trying to arrange a trip with friends of his! Though considering he had never done an escape room before he solved all the clues! I just followed his lead! Clearly much smarter than me!

Obviously I can’t reveal to you what the rooms hold and the challenges you will face but I can say the room is THE next level, honestly I was impressed with the extreme level of detail that has gone into this room. I would certainly recommend playing with a team of more than two, making it the ideal activity for a work Christmas activity or simply with your friends or family.