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Escape Rooms are certainly one of the most popular pastimes at the moment with so many sprouting up that it can be a bit mind boogling where to go. The premise for most are that you’re locked in a room and you have to solve an array of puzzles and tasks in order to escape, sometimes they’re massive thinking tasks and other times they’re a bit like scavanger hunts.

Lock’d Escape Rooms is located in Bermondsey south-east London as is only about ten minutes from the underground station and despite looking like it’s miles away from Central London it was so easy to get to on the Jubilee Line. The first challenge of the day was finding the actual place despite the instructions in the booking email.

Once we’d arrived in we were briefed on the live-action game which we were about to attempt. We were booked in for Grandpa’s Last Will which is billed as a beginner escape game based around a wealthy entrepreneur who has died but he’s left his multi-million pound mansion and empire to you but you only have 60 minutes before the police arrive to find his will and escape the place.

I don’t want to ruin the experience by telling you how it goes inside but I thought we were going to complete it really early but it was actually longer and a bit more complex than we had initially expected when we entered the room. All of the clues and puzzles are well thought out and although it wasn’t super difficult it was the right amount of brain power needed. One tip though is don’t try to always think super logicially as sometimes you need to just free your mind.

Lock’d also run two other rooms which are designed to be a little more difficult than Grandpa’s Last Will, although it really depends on the team involved. In each room you have 60 minutes to escape and it’s suitable for up to 5 people. We had a team of four and after having such a great time on this room we’re definitely hoping to go back and do the other two rooms on offer.