My first Escape Game Experience with Lock’d London


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My first Escape Game Experience with Lock’d London

A few days ago I did my first escape game experience with Lock’d London. Enthusiastic about board games with family and friends, I already found the concept so cool! We had a total immersion in this real-life thematic game with the atmosphere, the room, the music and the scenario, all filled with numerous signs and secrets. Like a live action puzzle game!

Also I was very pleasantly surprised by our team work and communication. By the way, new recruiting trend is progressing with escape games these days. Due to this type of game they are a great way to solve problems, which enables you to naturally let your personality guide you. This is a reliable way to see someone’s personality and way of thinking, as well as their aptitudes as a team.

A sort of real-life, thematic game, that will “lock you in”, in a room, with only an hour to escape, with the help of 3 clues if you’re stuck. We went as a group of 5 to solve the case of our dear Grandpa!

My friend who was already playing his sixth escape game said to us that he placed it second of his best ones! Everybody was very satisfied, we finished the game with 10 minutes to spare with only two clues! The staff was very nice and gave us a promotional code. So if you find yourself in London and also want to solve the mysteries of Lock’d!