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Lock’d offers immersive escape room games in London

Last week, four friends and I visited Lock’d escape rooms in Bermondsey. Escape rooms are a lot fun, they are live-action puzzles which are timed and can be challenging. You enter a room, the door shuts and you’re trapped, you then have an hour to find clues and solve the puzzles to escape from the room. Lock’d currently has 3 escape rooms to choose from, we got to try out Grandpa’s Last Will and Pepetuum Mobile, read on to see how we found the rooms.

Grandpa’s Last Will

This room is suitable for beginners, I’ve been to one escape room before but still found this room interesting and challenging.

Mara who worked there was really friendly, she told us some information about the room before entering and handed us a walkie talkie to use if we got stuck and needed a clue. The story behind the room is that a wealthy entrepreneur and traveller called Neil Morgan has died. He’s left millions of pounds for you in his will. The problem is you’ve only got 60 minutes to find this before the police arrive and arrest you for trespassing.

We were then locked into the room with a countdown timer on the wall. This room is dimly lit, with a desk in the corner, some books, a wardrobe and some old fashioned music playing in the background. It’s very antique and exactly how you’d imagine a Grandpa’s study to look. We immediately started looking around the room and opening drawers to find clues. Some of the clues are easier to find than others. You’ll need to find a lot of numbers to unlock the safes and you’ll also need to find some keys. Half way through we got a bit stuck so asked for a clue which helped us to unlock a safe.

I really enjoyed this room, it took us a while to figure out some of the clues and there were a few surprises along the way. It took us 53 minutes to escape.

Perpetuum Mobile

Luckily for us no one was in the Perpetuum Mobile room so we got to try this room out too.

The story for this room is that in one hour the world will be plunged into eternal darkness. The only one who can save the world is you. Professor Richter, the man with the knowledge on how to save the world, has disappeared. The answer on how to save the world lies within the mysterious crystals left behind in the lab. We entered this room and turned over a sand timer to count down an hour. The room is full of lab equipment, a desk and photos on the wall. The room has safes to unlock with numbers and keys to find. This room was a lot more challenging than Grandpa’s Last Will. There’s a lot more scientific information and technology used in this room too. We had a few issues with the technology at the end but when the issues were sorted out the ending was pretty impressive.


We really enjoyed Lock’d escape rooms, I personally preferred Grandpa’s Last Will as I really liked one of the surprises in there. If you’re a beginner then go for the Grandpa’s Last Will room but if you’ve been to a few before then have a go at the Perpetuum Mobile. This room will also appeal to any science fans and it was a lot more technological than the other room. They also have another room called Museum Warehouse where you have to try and stop a theft in the museum. They’re even planning on expanding and opening new rooms in a different location so keep an eye on the Lock’d escape rooms website.