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Lock’d Escape Rooms

Last week, four friends and I visited Lock’d escape rooms in Bermondsey. Escape rooms are a lot fun, they are live-action puzzles which are timed and can be challenging. You enter a room, the door shuts and you’re trapped, you then have an hour to find clues and solve the puzzles to escape from the room.
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Escape games in London

It's a lock in! Visit one of these London escape games to see whether you're a puzzle pro or a clue klutz
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Things to do, Games and hobbies

The white breezeblock building this three-game operation is set in doesn’t exactly scream ‘fiendish magnificence’. But there’s a trio of surprisingly well thought out games here...
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London's Best Escape Games

Bermondsey's Lock'd seems a lot more family-friendly than some of the more sinister experiences we've covered in this piece. With experiences such as 'Grandpa’s last will' where you're set to task searching through an old man's front room, this is something of a gentle and jolly game.
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There’s a new craze sweeping the nation: the escape game! What does it involve? Basically, you’re locked in a mysterious room with your friends and have to find your way out by solving puzzles, cracking codes, and working those little grey cells…
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HSBC Student Exclusive Offer - Lock'd

Lock’d is a live-action puzzle game unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You walk into a mysterious room. The door shuts behind you. And you’re trapped. Racing against the clock, you have one hour to do a task that will set you and your team free. During your trip, Lock’d will intrigue, entertain and delight you with complex puzzles, vivid stories and fascinating challenges.
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Locked in a room to discover I'm stupid: Lock'd London Review

You may not have heard of escape room puzzles, or you may be a locked-in-a-room junkie already...
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Escaping Lockd’s fabulously fiendish exit rooms

In short, Lockd combines both my love of puzzles with my ongoing quest to find cool things to do in London.
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London's latest game craze is being locked in a room with puzzles

I’m at Lock’d, London’s newest room escape game venue …
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Escape games: why the latest city-break craze is being locked in a room

People play computer games and spend more and more time online. Now they’re realising it’s more fun to try these games in real life.
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Now open in London: Lock’d

The site has one room open at the moment, with two further rooms planned.