Perpetuum Mobile escape room - the most challenging escape game in London

Perpetuum Mobile
Escape rooms London
Real Lab Equipment
Special effects
Moving Lasers Challenge

Lock’d Escape Room London offers bleeding-edge technology exit adventures.

Perpetuum Mobile is the best science-themed immersive escape room in London. Difficulty level: Medium. This is the perfect option for parents who would like to inspire their children with science and lab equipment. This room is also suitable for students, birthday celebrations, hen party and stag do, great gift and awesome for team building and getting together with friends.

This is the London’s best escape room for 2 with maximum capacity of 6 players.

The escape room contains real lab equipment, moving lasers tasks, sophisticated puzzles.

In just one hour, the world will be plunged into eternal darkness. And there’s only one person who can stop it. You.

Professor Richter, the only man with the knowledge to save the world, has disappeared. In true The answer lies in the mysterious crystals the professor left in his lab. The future of humankind is in your hands.

"5/5 would escape again!!! Had a really terrific time in the Scientist escape room. The music really heightened the experience. Lovely staff member and really cool room designs - would definitely recommend to friends!" Karlsson_JV about her escape from Perpetuum Mobile escape room at Lock'd London

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