Museum Warehouse escape room - the best intermediate escape game in London

Museum Warehouse
Industrial atmosphere
Technical and logical tasks
A lot of tasks/ puzzles
In this escape room, the nation needs your help: a unique collection of fine art masterpieces has been sent to London’s top museum for an exhibition. Unfortunately, international super-villain and art collector Mr. Bad has bribed the museum’s security guards to help steal the priceless works of art. The nation is looking to you stop the theft and restore the country’s pride. The ideal treasure hunt for those looking for a different kind of activity in London.
The escape room we tried at Lock'd was brilliantly crafted (The Museum Room). The best thing about it was the balance and deft design. Many escape rooms set a nigh on impossible puzzle, which can only be solved with countless clues from the staff. This approach leaves you feeling a little cheated and you don't get such a feeling of achievement. This is where Lock'd is different. The Lock'd room we tried was the perfect balance of challenging vs intuitive. The puzzle was tough to solve, but we were able to solve it almost all on our own and with seconds to spare! Jon

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