Grandpa's Last Will: best beginner friendly&family escape room in London

You’ve only got 60 minutes to find Last Will of your Grandpa Neil Morgan before the police arrive and arrest you for trespassing...

Grandpa's Last Will
Escape room London
Vintage furniture
A lot of tasks/ puzzles
Interesting visual tasks

Lock’d offers boutique escape rooms, like no others in London.

Grandpa’s Last Will is the best beginners-friendly escape room game in London. This escape room is suitable for families and things to do with kids, perfect for the first date, hen party and stag do, great gift and awesome for team building and getting together with friends.

We used most advanced technology invisibly fitted into the original antique furniture to create truly immersive detective treasure hunt story.

Grandpa's Last Will is the best escape room for 2 in London with maximum capacity of 6 players.

Here it is:

... wealthy entrepreneur, scientist and world traveller Neil Morgan has recently passed away. And luckily, he’s left his multi-million pound mansion, business empire and life savings to you. The problem is, you’ve only got 60 minutes to find his Last Will before the police arrive and arrest you for trespassing...


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"I went with 2 friends to play Grandpa's Last Will and really enjoyed the game. Challenges were hard enough, but really fun to solve. We did escape, so were extra happy. Really recommend this place and I have been to few other escape rooms." Ani S. about her experience in Grandpa's Last Will escape room

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