Grandpa's Last Will escape room - the best beginner friendly escape game in London

Grandpa's Last Will
Vintage furniture
A lot of tasks/ puzzles
Interesting visual tasks
In London's most exciting beginner friendly escape game, wealthy entrepreneur, scientist and world traveller Neil Morgan has died. And luckily, he’s left his multi-million pound mansion, business empire and life savings to you. The problem is, you’ve only got 60 minutes to find his will before the police arrive and arrest you for trespassing. It's a perfect opportunity to get rich quick on a family outing!
We booked this on kind of a whim when looking for something to do during the Easter holidays. We were all so pleased that we did. We took on the Grandpa's last will room and throughout we were all regularly exclaiming that this was "the best thing ever". We will definitely return and will tell all friends and families about the experience. This type of thing is what experiencing London is really about and you should definitely do it. Luke

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