January is a family month at Lock'd Escape Room London! Lock'd promise you perfect family outing for the lowest price! Click for the offer details.

"Spontaneously wanted to do an escape room and found this one purely due to location.

I found the room brought new and exciting puzzles which I haven't faced before and was fully immersed in the experience.

Very well priced for a fun activity with friends and very excited for new rooms under development.

Will be going again!!"

Robyn P about his Lock'd Escape Rooms London experience
Lock’d offers live-action escape room games in London unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You walk into a mysterious room. The door shuts behind you. And you’re trapped. How will you succeed in this escape room? Well, racing against the clock, you have one hour to complete a treasure hunt for clues that will set you and your team free. During your trip, Lock’d will intrigue, entertain and delight you with complex puzzles, vivid stories and fascinating challenges. Now, you can experience that thrill for real in London by booking a Lock’d escape room today. No other activity or group outing will be the same again! You and your friends, colleagues, or family will be challenged in new, mysterious and fun ways.