Lock’d is a live-action puzzle game unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You walk into a mysterious room. The door shuts behind you. And you’re trapped. Racing against the clock, you have one hour to do a task that will set you and your team free. During your trip, Lock’d will intrigue, entertain and delight you with complex puzzles, vivid stories and fascinating challenges.

Until now, the Lock’d experience was only available in your imagination, on movie screens or in computer games. Now, you can experience that thrill for real by booking a Lock’d session today.

You, your friends or your colleagues will be challenged in new, mysterious and fun ways.



Lock’d is for anyone that loves adventre without having to get covered in mud, sweat and creepy-crawlies. In fact, it’s easy to play on an evening out, during a sight-seeing trip or on a corporate team-building session


You don’t need academic knowledge or physical strength. But you will need every ounce of cunning to escape within the one-hour time limit.


The time limit for all games is 60 minutes.


The maximum capacity for each room is 5 persons.


Challengers under the age of 16 are welcomed when accompanied by an adult.


If you get stuck, one of our expert game masters is there to help you and make sure every moment is a fantastic journey of discovery.


Once you’ve finished, remember that there’s no point telling other people the answers, as they’ll beat your times and leap ahead on the leader board.

Instead, you can try to bag the title of fastest team.

So give yourself a taste of adventure and book your session now.

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