Escape Room London for 2 - 6 players! Lock'd: unlock your mind!

Boutique quest games by Lock'd Escape Rooms - hidden gem of London!

"Fantastic escape room experience, for complete beginners, they offer 3 levels of escapism, so perfect for all levels of intelligence.

Fairly priced, and one of only a few escape rooms that except teams of two people to play and for that alone they are perfect for a couples night out!"

Mitch Andrews about Lock'd escape room games

Escape room venue Lock'd

Lock’d hosts boutique escape room games, like no others in London. Since 2014 our experienced crew creates immersive, technology advanced interactive adventures. Lock'd Escape Rooms was one of the first London venues who combined puzzles and tasks of escape room with unique enthralling detective stories, making the escape adventure live and immersive.

Lock'd Escape Rooms London have been featured by Guardian, and rated as one of the best London’s escape room game by Londonist and Time Out.

Our games are proudly made in England from start to finish. Lock'd Escape Rooms London is one of the most technologically advanced escape rooms venue in London, with all puzzles and devices designed and made in house.

What do we offer?

Venue Lock'd Escape Rooms London offers live-action escape room games unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You walk into a mysterious room. The door shuts behind you. You’re trapped!!! The room begins to immerse you into its unique story, making you to act as a main characters.

How will you succeed in this escape room? Well, racing against the clock, you have one hour to complete a treasure hunt for clues that will set you and your team free. During your trip, Lock’d Escape Room London will intrigue, entertain and delight you with complex puzzles, vivid stories and fascinating challenges.

You can experience that thrill for real by booking one of three diverse Lock’d Escape Room London games each with its own enthralling story and original challenges. Each escape room is designed for team of 2 to 6 players.

Classic immersive quest game Grandpa's Last Will - the best beginner friendly escape room in London. Excellent choice as an escape room for 2 players and families with children!

Perpetuum Mobile - medium-difficulty level fascinating science-themed immersive escape room with real lab equipment and moving lasers challenge. This is the perfect option for those who would like to become a scientists for 1 hour or for parents who would like to inspire their children with science!

New escape room “The house of Alastair Moon” immerses you into heartbreaking and beautiful story of Alastair Moon's life with plenty of magical mystery. The room is packed full of state-of-the-art electronics, running on IoT platform making it sense and react to the players every move.


Why to choose Lock'd Escape Rooms London?


  • Real-life, immersive, thematic games. Like movies or video games, but better!
  • Our technology advanced escape games are proudly made in England from start to finish
  • 3 diverse escape rooms to choose from, each of different difficulty level


Who plays London escape rooms?



Our games are designed to challenge any age and great for children!



Delve into another world and work together to unravel the mysteries



Perfect experience to develop team building and communication skills



Test your knowledge and out of the box thinking with your classmates!!!



Whether you’re on your first date or 60th anniversary you'll enjoy it!



Why not spice up your London holiday visiting London hidden gem?



Fiendish clues and advanced technology for the experienced escapers


Take the leap into live action where you can truly be in the game



Special occasions for escape room experience


Hen & Stag Party

Make your Hen/Stag day unforgettable: put all your heads together to find clues, solve puzzles and find the way to escape!



Unique idea for the celebration: escape room will make every guest to participate and have fun! You are never too old to accept the escape challenge!



Yes, yes, this sounds crazy, but Lock’d Escape Room London have already been included to the program of several wedding celebrations. 


Romantic date

Between the routine romantic outings such as a movie, restaurant, etc… escape room will get closer you and your soul mate. 


We can place the ring into the game for your fiancé to find, allowing it to be completely immersed to the game for a real surprise!

Corporate event

How get to break the ice and know better you colleagues? Team bonding this is exactly that we do here at Lock’d Escape Rooms!


What people think about Lock'd Escape Rooms London?



Highly recommended!

We had so much fun, it was a challenging yet rewarding escape room. Really pleased with the escape room, went found it had lots of unexpected twists and turns. Helpful staff, fun escape room. Will be back. 



Fantastic escape room experience

For complete beginners, they offer 3 levels of escapism, so perfect for all levels of intelligence. Fairly priced, and one of only a few escape rooms that except teams of two people to play and for that alone they are perfect for a couples night out! 

Mitch Andrews

A superb family friendly escape room experience - a great birthday surprise to give too!

This was my first experience doing an escape room. I decided to book 'Grandpa's Last Will' room as a surprise for my wife's 40th birthday. I wanted to experience it as a family birthday day out, with my wife and 8 year old son. We had a fabulous time! The team at Lock'd in were excellent! I telephoned in advance and explained the birthday day out. They came up with a great idea of allowing me to put my wife's birthday present with the will; so when we completed the puzzle, as in we found the will, my wife received her present at the same time. They were very accommodating.
It is a 10 min walk from Bermondsey Underground and easy to follow on google maps.
The escape room was excellent; more than I expected too! I found the puzzles difficulty was perfect - for all of us. We needed a bit more time to complete it - which the organisers gave us. So, (no spoilers here!) we had fun and it was amazing how the puzzles unravel themselves. Not all is how it seems! If you need help, you have contact with the organiser by walky talky too. At the end - we found the will, and my wife's found her birthday surprise.
If you are new to this, and want an escape room perfect for adults and children too (7 years old plus) - then this is it. I will be back for one of the other rooms for sure. Thanks for making our day special! 



Alastair Moon - grippingly challenging and exiting!
I went in with high hopes to Lock'd having done the Museum room the previous year and I wasn't disappointed.

The tales of Alastair moon is the 8th escape room I have done and knowing it was a brand new room on the highest level of difficulty I was unsure what to expect. Our party consisted of three people who had all done escape rooms before which I think was the perfect number of people and level of experience required for this particular room.

The story of Alastair moon was well thought out and different to any other room I'd encountered before. The puzzles were varied and brilliant in terms of the way they were used to shape the story and also fascinating from a technical aspect.

Without giving too much away I loved the use of music and certain sound effects which created an eerie, chilling atmosphere.
Definitely a challenging room, but one that is a must try for escape room fans. The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming ad you could really tell they were proud of their rooms, which they should be as allot of hard work was put into them.
No complaints on our end, worth the money and a great experience.
Will definitely come back to try out the other rooms! 



For the first time doing an escape room, this was the perfect introduction.

The staff, Linda and Mara, were friendly, welcoming and really helpful and really got us into the spirit of the game and immersion. The puzzles were fantastic and honestly it was such a laugh, never seen my friends turn into super sleuths so quickly! Would come back in a heartbeat for the clever and well put together puzzles and rooms and the lovely staff. Well worth it if you've got a spare afternoon!


Brilliant experience and the team there was so much fun.
Without giving away too much, there were constant surprises and it was a challenge.
I went in a large group and we did split into three smaller groups, doing the rooms all at the same time - we all escaped but one time was down to 2 minutes remaining. I would highly recommend to others!
Anna Appleton