Perpetuum Mobile escape room - the most challenging escape game in London

Perpetuum Mobile
Collection of physical measurement equipment
A lot of special effects
In just one hour, the world will be plunged into eternal darkness. And there’s only one person who can stop it. You. The planet’s delicate energy resources are about to run dry. And Professor Richter, the only man with the knowledge to save the world, has disappeared. In true Crystal Maze style, the answer lies in the mysterious crystals the professor left in his lab. The future of humankind is in your hands.
I tried several rooms of this kind before, and Lock'd impressed me a lot! Interesting twists and enigmas oriented on analytical skills, attention to details and a bit of intuition! Unexpected turns of the process kept me excited during the whole game! Perfect way to spend unforgettable time and have a bit of brainstorming. Highly advised to come and check! You definitely won't regret! Natalie

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August, 22 – August, 28
25/08/2016 Thursday







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